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"I Signed Up But Haven't Heard Anything"

"I Didn't Get an Answer to My Helpdesk Email?"

It can take up to 24 hours for a new account to be created. We create all new accounts by hand. This provides added protection for you and for our services.

Usually, accounts are created between a few minutes and 8 hours. If you provided a valid email address when you signed up, you'll receive a confirmation that the account was setup.

If you're not able to login after 24 hours, email us with the account name and any i.d. number from a payment vendor, such as iBill. Be sure to provide us with a valid email address that we can reply to.

Our Support Department usually responds rather quickly. We'll always answer your inquiry within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please resend your request using the contact form on our web site and make sure that you include a working email address for us to reply to.

Please note that we are bootstrapping with the goal to provide the most extensive and robust privacy service at the lowest possible cost. To do this requires keeping overhead low. This means we are a bit short staffed. Please make use of all available resources prior to contacting the helpdesk.

On another note, if you forward Spam or a "tagged as Spam" (with the subject "Message Rejected"), chances are, your email will be tagged as Spam and be captured by our Spam Filters. If forwarding spam, try attaching it as a plain text attachment or just send us the headers, not the entire message. If you're sending us a message with "Message Rejected" in the subject, either remove a few characters or delete the subject.

Does Cotse.Net Ever Email Customers?

Cautions For Web Proxy Users

 We try to avoid emailing customers to protect your privacy and so that you would be properly suspicious of any phishing attempts. If you email helpdesk with a problem or question, we will certainly reply. In addition -- and in response to customer feedback and requests -- we will also email you under the following circumstances:

1. If we disable your account because it expired during the previous month, we will send you an email notification. We will not send you an email on the date your account expires, but we will send it when the account is disabled. Please remember that you can avoid this problem by either configuring your webmail to show you your account status when you login to webmail or by setting up your account to send yourself an email reminder before your subscription would expire.

2. If your credit card is declined or your subscription payment was refused, we will send you a notice alerting you to that.

3. If your account was disabled and then re-enabled, we will send you a notice that it was re-enabled.

4. If you have too much mail (check your Spam, Trash, and Sent folders), we will send you a reminder so that you can clear out unneeded mail before your mailbox becomes so full that you can't receive any new mail.

5. If we receive an abuse complaint about your account, we may need to email you to send you a copy of the complaint, but if you do receive such an email, check the headers to make sure it is legitimately from us, or contact us to verify authenticity before taking any further steps.

When in doubt that an email is from us, contact us to verify authenticity.

Websites containing some javascripts and/or applets may try to connect back to the server. This may prompt you for your username/password. It's attempting to open another browser session. This could be a security hazard and *could* reveal your information to the target server. To protect your anonymity, you should decline this request. Keep clicking "cancel" until it stops prompting.

Some servers use website scripting that isn't supported by the proxy. For example, some website navagation tools/aids are incapable of showing through the proxy. If you must view the site in question, disable the proxy settings in your browser or configure your browser to bypass the proxy on a per-site basis. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can configure "Advanced Settings" in the Proxy Configuration Tool. Doing either of these will disable the proxy for the site in question and you will not be anonymous.

Please note, java runs on YOUR local machine (we don't block it because some want it) . Java can break your anonymity. With our proxy, java trying to connect back to a server will cause another authentication prompt. Deny it if anonymity is important (click cancel until it stops prompting).

If anonymity is very important, disable java in your browser. There is no way to guarantee anonymity if you let applications run on your local machine from the web. We cannot rewrite compiled applications on the fly, so we cannot address malicious behavior within compiled applications. You run them at your own risk.

If you run into a site that requires cookies to login, let us know and we'll add it to our list of allowed cookie sites. If you find any other issues, please let us know.

How to Reach Us

The main email address to use is helpdesk at Reports of abuse can be submitted to abuse at

Note that there is no "support@" or other address you can use to reach us for account problems or difficulties with the service. For almost all matters, helpdesk at is the email address to use.

To reach us by regular mail, mail to:

Packetderm, LLC

210 Park Avenue #308

Worcester, MA 01609

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